* I have purchased everything on this page.  If you have questions about anything here that I’ve yet to review then just ask.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions.


Armattan Chameleon 5″
Armattan Chameleon 6″
Armattan Rooster 6″
BWhoop 06-03
CMW Merica
Diatone GT2 200 BNF
Diatone GT2 200
DJI Mavic Pro
Eachine Wizard 220
Eachine Wizard 220s
EMax Babyhawk
EMax Babyhawk R
FlexRC Ascent 3″
HolyBro Kopis 1
HolyBro Kopis 1
Hubsan X4 107D
Hubsan H107L X4
KEA (WING) FVH 260 6″
King Kong ET100
King Kong ET100
Martian II
Parrot Bebop 2 (1st drone)
Rotor Riot (IRC) Reverb
TransTEC Frog Lite
Hubsan H107L X4 -lost
HolyBro Shuriken X1 -lost
Hubsan X4 107D -lost


FatShark HD2
DJI RE Goggles
Eachine EV800D
Eachine 1080P FPV


Taranis X9D+ Special Edition
Taranis X9D+
Taranis QX7


DJI Mavic/Goggles Case
DJI Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag
DJI Mavic Pro Travel Case
Think Tank FPV Airport Helipak
Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250
Parrot Bebop 2 Hard Case


PyroDrone MGP Style Gate
Circular FPV Gate & Flags
MultiGP Race Gates