Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Recreational Office of Memes?
A: Formerly the Gallifreyan Research Office of Music, it was built on Gallifrey in 2142 and commissioned as a research vessel to study music throughout the multiverse.
I renamed it to the Rush R.O.O.M. after winning it in a high stakes poker game. Now I use it to travel with friends in search of good times and great memes. There’s literally room for everyone here. It’s sooo big on the inside!

Q: Is that a heart-rate monitor you’re using?
A: Yes! I’m normally very chill (avg heartbeats 55-65). That changes when I pour my focus into a game. Especially, when the unexpected happens.

Q: Can you see properly wearing those sunglasses?
A: Technically, they are not sunglasses. Four large monitors and multiple lighting sources do make for a bright space though, and these glasses were custom made (for me) to work in this environment (+ distance from the screens).
If you’re interested in your own custom made pair then I’d be happy to put you in touch with ‘my guy’. They will run you between $700-$900.

Q: Do you play PUBG Mobile? Can we play sometime?
A: I do. Just not frequently, or live on stream. Sorry, I only play solo games on PUBG Mobile.

Q: Do you have Instagram (or Facebook, or …)?
A: Yes, but I refuse to use them. Having too many social media addictions can be harmful. You can find me here, or on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and of course, Discord.

Q: What are meme games?
A: They are games within a game. While everyone else is playing by the rules, I make up my own. Sometimes I even let the viewers make the rules. The games are just better this way! Imagine having to use the first weapon you find, and it’s a ******* pan; you can’t use anything else until you get a kill with it. This is PUBG – on Hard Mode!

Q: You have the Hyper X headphones but you don’t wear them, why?
A: I do wear them occasionally on stream, but mostly while offline. They’re a bit much when wearing a hat, and I need the hat to help block some of the glare from the lights and monitors. Besides, the hat looks cooler than the headphones.

Q: How long have you played PUBG?
A: My first PUBG match was in February, 2018. Thirteen months later I have nearly 3000 hours in the lobby waiting for a game.

Q: What’s your highest rank in PUBG?
A: Before the ranking system changed I managed to climb to #287 on the NA server at one point in the season. If you’re interested in my current rank, then click here.
I do my best to stay in the top 1%, and just finished Beta Season Two at 0.376%. However, I play a lot of meme games and this has a negative affect on other stats like KD, Avg Dmg, etc.

Q: Do you work in radio?
A: Although it was in a different dimension, and in the future, yes, I have worked in radio.

Q: What does the KD in your name stand for?
A: In the game of PUBG it stands for the ratio of kills divided by number of deaths. Getting kills, and dying in this game is an adrenaline rush. Let’s leave it at that. 🙂

Q: How old are you?
A: Technically, I haven’t been born yet.

Q: How long have you been streaming?
A: The Rush ROOM first opened its doors for passengers on February 9th, 2019.

Q: Where are you from?
A: From Earth, of course. More specifically, on the east coast of the U.S. just outside of Charlotte, NC. I was born in a small city that hasn’t been formed yet. Two towns will eventually merge to become REDACTED, the city of REDACTED, in the year REDACTED.

Q: Hi, I love you stream! Can we play duo’s?
A: Um…thanks, and probably not. About 90% of the time I play solo meme games. The other 10% is typically spent with friends, followers and subs. (If you are a follower/sub and would like to play some meme games then hit me up in Discord.)