Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Recreational Office of Memes?
A: Formerly the Gallifreyan Research Office of Music, it was built on Gallifrey in 2142 and commissioned as a research vessel to study music throughout the multiverse.
I renamed it to the Rush R.O.O.M. after winning it in a high stakes poker game. Now I use it to travel with friends in search of good times and great memes. There’s literally room for everyone here. It’s sooo big on the inside!

Q: Is that a heart-rate monitor you’re using?
A: Yes! I’m normally very chill (avg heartbeats 55-65). That changes when I pour my focus into a game. Especially, when the unexpected happens.

Q: Can you see properly wearing those sunglasses?
A: Technically, they are not sunglasses. Four large monitors and multiple lighting sources do make for a bright space though, and these glasses were custom made (for me) to work in this environment (+ distance from the screens).
If you’re interested in your own custom made pair then I’d be happy to put you in touch with ‘my guy’. They will run you between $700-$900.

Q: What games do you usually play?
A: I used to play a lot of PUBG. Now I mostly play COD: MW and random games.

Q: Do you have Instagram (or Facebook, or …)?
A: Yes, but I refuse to use them. Having too many social media addictions can be harmful. You can find me here, or on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and of course, Discord.

Q: What are PUBG meme games?
A: They are games within a game. While everyone else is playing by the rules, I make up my own. Sometimes I even let the viewers make the rules. The games are just better this way! Imagine having to use the first weapon you find, and it’s a ******* pan; you can’t use anything else until you get a kill with it. This is PUBG – on Hard Mode!

Q: You have the Hyper X headphones but you don’t wear them, why?
A: I do wear them occasionally on stream, but mostly while offline. They’re a bit much when wearing a hat, and I need the hat to help block some of the glare from the lights and monitors. Besides, the hat looks cooler than the headphones.

Q: How long have you played PUBG?
A: My first PUBG match was in February, 2018. Now I have nearly 4000 hours in the lobby waiting for a game.

Q: What’s your highest rank in PUBG?
A: Before the ranking system changed I managed to climb to #287 on the NA server at one point in the season. If you’re interested in my current rank, then click here.
I do my best to stay in the top 1%, and just finished Beta Season Two at 0.376%. However, I play a lot of meme games and this has a negative affect on other stats like KD, Avg Dmg, etc.

Q: Do you work in radio?
A: Although it was in a different dimension, and in the future, yes, I have worked in radio.

Q: What does the KD in your name stand for?
A: In the game of PUBG, and most others like it, the K/D stands for the ratio of kills divided by number of deaths. Getting kills, and even dying is an adrenaline rush. Let’s leave it at that. 🙂

Q: How old are you?
A: Technically, I haven’t been born yet.

Q: How long have you been streaming?
A: The Rush ROOM first opened its doors for passengers on February 9th, 2019.

Q: Where are you from?
A: From Earth, of course. More specifically, on the east coast of the U.S. just outside of Charlotte, NC. I was born in a small city that hasn’t been formed yet. Two towns will eventually merge to become REDACTED, the city of REDACTED, in the year REDACTED.

Q: Hi, I love your stream! Can we play together?
A: Um…thanks, and probably not. About 90% of the time I play solo games The other 10% is typically spent with friends, followers and subs. (If you are a follower/sub and would like to play some some time, then hit me up in Discord.)

Q: I see you playing Call of Duty on stream. Do you not play PUBG anymore?
A: I do play PUBG, just not as often. If I drink enough anything is possible.

Q: I heard about what you did on stream last night and I went to watch the VOD (video on demand) but there wasn’t one. Do you save your broadcasts?
A: Yes, and no. They are set to automatically save, but depending upon the content I typically delete them within 24 hours. This is a mature stream. Did I mention that?