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ET100 Drone Review

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The ET100 from LDARC you see me fly in the video below was purchased four months ago (12/2017), and during this time I’ve crashed it more times than I can count.  The LDARC (formerly, King Kong) ET100 is the best micro (Indoor/Outdoor) drone I currently own.  It’s earned a spot in my top five drones due to several factors.

So far the worst of the crashes resulted in a lost motor bell-housing and propeller.  I’ve since replaced all four motors, though technically I only needed to replace one.  Did I mention I’ve crashed it into our pool?  Twice?  Yeah, that really happened.  To see the last crash just watch the video.  Can you see the smoke?

Two hours after crashing it into the pool I ran the blow-dryer over it for a minute or two, then flew it around The Rush Room.

The prop guards on this model are extremely durable.  I’ve hit trees, parked cars, poles, concrete, and brick.  Other than the motor bell-house I’ve broken half a dozen props, and that’s not bad considering how often I crash it.

When you do have to take it apart it’s as simple as removing a few screws.

The price has gone up a bit since I purchased the first one, but it’s still reasonable at under $140.00 US.  You will of course need a transmitter.  The link above is for the FrSky Bind & Fly version.  If you need a transmitter then use this link instead.  You will pay a bit more for the transmitter, but it’s a damn site better than paying $100-$300 for a Taranis.  You will also want some goggles.  Expect to pay between $50-$600.  I never said this hobby was cheap.  The ET100 is a reasonable deal though.  I even bought one for my wife.

The ET100 is larger than the TinyWhoop class, but not by much.  It has a 100mm wheelbase, rocking a Flytower 20*20 Piko BLX(F303CC_MPU6000) with a 4in1 10A BLheliS.  The VTX is 16 channels and switchable from 25-100mW.  The camera is an 800TVL with 150 degree field of view.  It’s running 1935 props with a 7.4v 450mAh 80c battery.  It comes in a variety of receivers, FrSky, Spektrum, Futaba, DSM2, FlySky, etc.  It weighs 71.9g (without the battery and receiver).

Finding the perfect sized drone for both indoor and outdoor flying is not an easy task.  The BWhoop-06 is a little smaller than the ET100, but gets pushed around outside if the wind is above five miles per hour.  The Ascent 3″ has tons of power and it’s not much bigger than the ET100, but try to fly that little demon indoors and you’re likely to kill the family pet, if not a plant or two.

The ET100 is in the sweet spot for both types of flying.

If you’re looking to get into the drone hobby then this is an easy recommendation as a first drone.  If you already fly larger drones and you want something smaller to fly around the house then much like Goldilocks you’re going to find the ET100 is the perfect fit.




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