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Drones Charlotte

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Drones Charlotte is the name of a Facebook/Meetup Group.  We are a very diverse group that share a love of this wonderful hobby we call drones.  

We meet each Saturday at 1:00 PM during the colder weather months and 10:00 AM in the warmer months.  Always check the meetup page or FB group first.

I’ve had a few questions come up when discussing these weekly meetups with friends so I thought I would put together a small FAQ, which is by no means complete, and if I’m completely honest, probably not accurate or up-to-date.  With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Q:  Can I come even if I don’t have a drone?
    A:  YES!  We would love for you to come and join us.  There’s nothing we like better than sharing our hobby with people. 
  2. Q:  Does the group have an admission, parking, or membership fees?
    A:  No.  Come and watch or bring a drone and fly.  It doesn’t cost you a cent.  Everyone is free to come and go as they please.  
  3. Q:  Where do you fly?
    A:  We are fortunate enough to have a little over 40 acres of open land (it’s currently for sale though).  The address is (roughly) 2267 Deerfield Drive, Fort Mill, SC.  CLICK HERE for a link from Google
  4. Q:  Is there someone in the group that can fix my drone?
    A:  Probably, but that’s a question best asked in the Facebook group.  There are many different types of drones but most have a common layout.  A lot of our members build their own drones and are happy to try and help you diagnose whatever problem you’re having, but expecting someone to fix a broken drone if you carry it to the meetup is a bad idea. 
  5. Q:  Will someone let me fly their drone to see if I might be interested in buying one?
    A:  It’s probably okay if they offer, but don’t be offended if you ask and they say no.  Even entry level drones can be expensive, with some of the top end consumer drones ranging in the thousands of dollars.  Even the smallest drones you’re likely to see someone fly still cost in excess of $100.  
  6. Q:  Does your group do MultiGP races?
    A:  As a group, no.  There are individuals in the group that have experience with it, and some even bring FPV racing gates.  In the future this may change, but at the moment any races are strictly unorganized.
  7. Q:  What types of drones do you fly? i.e. DJI Phantom, Mavic Pro, etc…
    A:  Diversity is the spice of life.  Our members fly Phantom’s, Mavic’s, and a wide variety of others.  It’s not unusual to see someone bring a drone they spent the week (or month) building.  From the larger ‘camera’ drones, to the little 3″ racing ones, someone is probably flying your future drone.

If anyone in the group happens to drop by, and can think of any additional items then please let me know via FB Messenger.


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