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By   /  January 5, 2018  /  2 Comments

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A friend of mine once told me the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.  Sometimes you get lucky though.  Sadly, in my particular case, Lady Luck and I have a toxic relationship.  Whenever she bats those chilling blue eyes, however brief or infrequent,  an orgasmic bliss washes over me.  It doesn’t last of course, and when she’s had her fun the luck runs out leaving you holding pocket aces while your opponent hits a royal flush.  That’s my luck.

Over the past few years I’ve gained more weight than I would like to admit.  When you eat breakfast at Chick-fil-A and lunch/dinner at KFC it’s bound to add up, or pack on the pounds.  Considering my luck with diets, this is a problem.  What’s the point of starving yourself to loose 10 lbs if you’re only going to gain 15 back after the diet?

It’s time for a resolution.  I’m not getting any younger, and I can’t afford to get any heavier.  Starting January 8th I’m giving up all fast food, and sugar filled drinks.  Though I may have a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  It is Elvis’ birthday after all.  For the following 90 days I’m giving it all up.  And I’m going to loose weight.  I’d bet on it.

In fact, I did bet on it.

Two of my co-workers mentioned they were going to try fasting.  I bet them $100 I could loose a bigger percentage of body weight than they could over the course of 90 days.  They accepted my challenge and we each have $100 riding on this.  The winner jogs away on April 9th with an extra $200, which coincidentally is about how much I spend on KFC and Chick-fil-A each month.  So if you look at it that way, I’ll already be up around $600 just from abstaining.  I can’t loose.

Or I better loose if I want to win.

The trick of course is to maintain the lifestyle.  I’m hoping that a solid 3 months of new eating habits will pay dividends for the remainder of the year.  Now I’ll just need to pick a diet or program I can live with.  And then hold myself accountable.  /sigh


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  1. Chris James says:

    Wow – great idea! Good luck fella!

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